Karibu Makoongwe Primary & Secondary School
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Makoongwe School was established in 1973. It was a temporary hut. It was a mud and coconut leaves thatched hut, with two class rooms and one headmaster’s office.

It was built through people’s efforts. It was a primary school until 1980. At that time, there were 2 teachers and 150 students. The first head teacher was Mr. Ali Nassor Seif.

Secondary classes were established in 1981 – 1984, In 1985, the secondary classes were stopped. Those students who passed their primary education examinations, were transferred to neighboring schools.

In 1999, secondary education classes were restarted. This situation, enabled students to study in their local area instead of daily sailing from Makoongwe island to Mkoani or Michenzani (neighboring places) to follow secondary education services.

By now, Makoongwe schoolhas classes from nursery up to Form IV. The school has got a total of 627 Students. Among them 343 are male and 284 are female.

Nursery study for 2 years, Primary for 6 years and secondary for 4 years.

14 Headmaster had taken positions from 1973 until now (2018)